Newly built passenger coach Ampeer
The semiconductor converters have become recently dominant power source in vehicles. Their concept is based on the most modern technologies of power semiconductor components with implementation of modern control structures in form of microcomputer systems.
The advantages of the auxiliary power converters compared with supply equipments using the rotary electrical machines are:
  • Ensure uninterrupted powering electrical devices in the vehicles /onboard mains, air condition/ even when the carriage is in the station;
  • Output voltages of auxiliary power converters correspond to voltages in standard electric mains, so passengers in coaches have possibility to use common electrical devices;
  • Higher installed power;
  • Higher efficiency of power supply resulting from the way of electrical energy generation and thereby higher saving of energy and operating costs;
  • Lower weight compared with rotary generators and more suitable shape for integration into vehicles;
  • High durability of converters;
  • The auxiliary power converters do not consist of rotary parts that could perish. They do not require regular maintenance when is necessary to change these parts.
Many installed auxiliary power converters for passenger carriages, underground vehicles and city transport vehicles are in operation in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Italy and India.

Multisystem auxiliary power converter for air-conditioned passenger carriages

Multisystem auxiliary power converter for double-decker passenger carriages

Multisystem auxiliary power converter for dinning carriages
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