Modernized electric locomotive type 131
The most significant exchange compared with original condition of vehicles is exchange of traction equipment and replacement vehicle control system.
Increasing of vehicle properties can be achieved by complete replacement of traction equipment and installation of vehicle traction transformer.
Between the most significant benefits of modernization can be included:
  • The vehicle compared to original type dual system, allows its use on all electrified lines throughout the European railway area;
  • Used modern semiconductor components bring reduced dimensions, weight and power losses;
  • The reduction of noise and saved space inside the vehicle improves its ergonomic parameters for drivers;
  • New features of electrical equipment allow emergency trailing throttle of vehicle with single motor group and contributing EDB and regeneration of braking energy into self consumption.
The modernization of electrical equipment is technically and economically efficient way how to improve operating parameters of electrical locomotives with older construction.
The modularity and consolidation of solution allows using electro components for electric locomotives in DC, AC and dualsystem electric locomotives, according to customer’s requirements.
The most famous projects were realized in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia.


Traction transformer for electric locomotive

Field converter for electrodynamic brake

Pulse converter
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