The laying of the foundation stone

The Electrotechnical Research Institute was founded in 1965-1966 as a part of the ZŤS - Heavy Industry Concern Company. On 1st October 1968 the Electrotechnical Research Institute became an independent state owned company with research and development base.

In the same period, the main business activity  of company was a monothematic area of power electronics. The power electronics belonged to the newest and most progressive area of electrical engineering. It was used wherever there was a need to switch, manage and regulate electric energy especially in electric industrial drives, in electric traction, in energetics and etc.

The power electronics replaced contact switching devices by contactless devices, loss regulators and starters were replaced by lossless ones, rotary power supply and converters were replaced by static ones. The most significant benefits and advantages of power electronics were high durability, reliability, efficiency and simple installation.

The research was focused on rectifiers, fixed frequency inverters, frequency converters and contactless switches. These solutions were used in automatic electric drives, in electric traction, in energetics and for providing uninterrupted feeding of computers or other machines in the area of electrohydraulics and so on. The power electronics has become one of the main programs in the Czechoslovak industry.

Less than 20 years ago, the working group, originally consisting of 15 members, was gradually extended to the total of 1800 employees providing research, development and production of electronic equipments. Together with products development were ensured also development of production technologies and testing machines, which create a needful base of quality to produce complicated electronic products.

The testing centre, as a part of Electrotechnical Research Institute, acquired the authorisation in 1994. Already during the construction of the testing centre through various equipments, measuring and computer techniques could be performed all necessary tests and calculations. The testing centre was equipped with devices where was possible to perform climatic tests and electric tests.


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